Friday, May 23, 2003

Free Sci-Fi/Fantasy books for your PDA

At Christmas I was given a PDA by my super-generous girlfriend. Being skeptical of such 'toys' I was then obliged to prove that I could make this little pocket computer into something useful in my life. I have several uses that mean I use it many times daily - sometime I'll post about more of those.

My main use for it is as a super-portable book. How so? you may ask. Well my PDA runs Microsoft's Reader software and I have found a great resource for free Sci-Fi/Fantasy books in many formats - one of which is the Microsoft Reader format.

Head over to the Baen Free Library and see for yourself.

Be warned - not all of the books are a great read, but since you can download approximately 60 books for free there are plenty to choose from. They take up a mere 25 Mb of storage space so you can carry them on your PDA storage card or on your laptop's hard drive and have them available wherever you go. I particularly enjoy reading mine on the train, plane, whilst cycling in the gym, even in restaurants when I work away from home. As you know, carrying even two books while you are travelling is a pain - even more so if you happen to finish reading them before the trip is over!

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