Saturday, October 05, 2002

Let's get the ball rolling!

I was pleased to discover that my local university, UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire), has several undergraduate and postgraduate courses aimed at at Multimedia. Oddly they are split between the Computing and Technology departments. With some apparent duplication. Weird. The trend of UK educational establishments offering more courses for our industry is growing. I even found a module on HCI design. Amazing.

Anyway I decided on Monday that it would be interesting to explore the options they have, as it would be nice to formalise the work I have been doing for the last (nearly) 6 years with an appropriate course of study. After several conversations, a couple of meetings and a lot of searches on the web, I found the answer. An MSc in Multimedia Computing.

I start Monday 7th October. I have already missed two weeks, so please wish me luck!

On a more work-related note. Have you tried out Authorware 6.5 yet? You really should. There are loads of excellent new features. One that really stands out is the addition of User Defined Functions. These can be internal or external, opening the way to a whole new way to work with Authorware. Look out, too, for the ability to use variables for button labels, pull-down menus, keypress responses and text entries.

This is brilliant stuff from just four engineers and a wonderful beta team.