Wednesday, January 14, 2009

7 Random Things

This morning I was tagged by Brian Dusablon with a difficult task: blog 7 random things about me. And as if that's not hard enough, I've to tag seven other victims friends too. Without my morning coffee, I'm not sure I can even count to seven, so let's see how I do:-

  1. In 1988 I coached the Scottish Ladies Powerlifting Champion in the 60Kg body weight class. She set 4 records on her way to winning. She also competed in the British championship the same year and placed 3rd.
  2. I played clarinet at school, and later in a band while at college in Edinburgh. The band was called Satori and we played covers of Bauhaus, Joy Division, Wedding Present etc. Somehow I didn't realise that we were Goths until years later. And yes - I was very bad at it, but we played several times at La Sorbonne, a very seedy student bar that was THE place to be in 1983/1984.
  3. I emigrated from England to Mississippi in 2004 to marry Amy and start a new life in the steamy, sweaty sauna that is south Mississippi.
  4. I'm a teeny bit of a speed freak. I've driven motorbikes since I was 21. My parents both had motorbikes as teenagers and until after my sister and I were born. I like nothing better than driving around Scottish roads at crazy speeds, dodging sheep and drystone dykes. That's the stone walls at the side of the road ;-) In 1999 I misjudged a corner and slammed into a telephone pole at around 80 miles an hour. Destroyed the bike, but not me, amazingly. 3 months later my sister paid for me and my brother in law to spend the day at Donnongton Park racetrack riding CBR600s at the Ron Haslam Race School. It was my first real ride on a bike following the accident and it was fantastic!
  5. I like all sorts of music aside from country, hard rock and that bland rock music that America has been churning out ad nauseum since the early 70s. My wife bought me an XM radio a few years ago and I was pleased to discover Upop radio, where we can hear all sorts of British, European and World music. I particularly enjoy bad British rock/rap like the Arctic Monkeys. I seem to have grown mellow in my musical tastes over the years. I'm particularly turned on by young ladies who can croon me into relaxation. Who couldn't love Corrine Baily-Rae or Lilly Allen ... OK Lilly has a special sense of humour :-) Sadly Upop got shuffled off of XM-radios lineup recently, so I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms - no new music for me.
  6. Amy and I live on 6.5 acres, out in the country in south Mississippi. We have 20 chickens, 3 goats, 5 dogs, 3 cats and a 2 acre pond full of bream, catfish, turtles and a rumoured alligator.
  7. I all-but stopped reading paper books in 2003 when Amy bought me my first PDA. I discovered that the convenience of being able to carry 2, 3, 30 or 300 books with me all the time, perpetual bookmarking, built-in night illumination and a built-in dictionary far outweigh my lifelong addiction to paper books. I have a 2 Gb library of digital books - around 3500 books - that I am slowly working my way through. I'd guess I've read about 100 digital books a year since 2003, and maybe 3 paper books, not counting tech books.

OK think I might have sneaked in a couple more than 7 actual facts there. Oh well - no one ever accused me of having nothing to say.

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