Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Recorded Breeze presentations

Macromedia has released a number of recorded Breeze presentations

Something for everyone in this bundle of presentations

If you have never seen Breeze in action, you should take the time to look at at least one of the following presentations. Of course, you should look at them anyway if you want to get to know more about Macromedia's products.

Please note these are recordings of live presentations, lasting about an hour
each. Some of the presentations take a minute or two to get up and running.

  1. Shape Tweening in Flash MX 2004

  2. Cold Fusion 7

  3. Cold Fusion Forms

  4. Creating Raster Effects in Freehand

  5. Fireworks Best Practices

  6. Introducing the Flash Player Detection Kit

  7. Troubleshooting FTP issues in Dreamweaver

Cold Fusion MX 7

Macromedia has released Cold Fusion MX 7

And it's the ost customer-driven version yet

Unlike most other Beta cycles, Macromedia has been pretty public with the development of Cold Fusion 7. It seems like for months, everywhere I have turned I have seen Macromedia talking about the next release of Cold Fusion, showing what they are developing with it, and getting customer feedback before the product was completed and released.

Check out the Cold Fusion 7 Product Page.

And the Cold Fusion Developers Center has links to getting-started tutorials and loads more great information.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Even the bar prices are a gamble

Here in Gulfport there are a number of Casinos

Last night we discovered even the bar prices are a gamble

Round 1, 3 drinks: Screwdriver, Bacardi and Coke, Heiniken, $4.75
Round 2, 2 drinks: Bacardi and Coke, Heiniken, $8.50
Round 3, 2 drinks: Screwdriver, Heiniken, $4.75
Round 4, 1 drink: Heiniken, $FREE!!!

I guess that's one way to get you to go to a casino more often :+)