Thursday, November 14, 2002

And now for something a little more personal

I found a great book for my studies at UCLAN. There is only one copy in the University library and it seems like a popular book, so I decided to buy it. Off I went to my favourite on-line book store (no names) and tried to order it.

No joy on the UK site, the book is out of print :-(

Try the US site.

Cool, they have it. Not only that they have a link to an organisation that has copies at 25% of list price :-) Lovely. Let's order it.

Ehem ... nope. You need a US address, we won't mail overseas. :-(

No sweat. i have a good friend in the US and I visit regulary. I'll mail it there and collect it :-)

So pleased was I, that I contacted a fellow student. He asked me to buy him a copy too for such a great deal. 3 minutes later, order accepted :-)

Two days later I get a mail Sorry we are out of stock. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR :'-(

What company fails to know what they have in stock these days. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.


DirectImage Xtra updated

DirectXtras has announced an update to DirectImage Xtra. More in the words of Tomer Berda:-

New in Version 3.0
• Images may now include multiple frames / layers. A new set of functions was added for manipulating the image frames.
• The Xtra can now import from and export to image file formats that support multiple frames / layers, such as animated GIF, Photoshop (PSD), DCX and MNG files.
• New methods to enhance an image: imageContrast(), imageModulate() and imageNormalize().
• New imaging effects: imageMorph() and imageCoalesce().
• New methods for importing to and exporting from image objects, with alpha channel support: imageLoadFromImage() and imageSaveToImage().
• The Xtra now natively supports MacOS X.
• The Xtra is now available for Authorware.
• imageGetColorCount() was added to count the number of unique colors in an image.
• Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Please visit for a complete licensing information and fees.

Bring a new dimension to interactive learning with the i3D Xtra

The former owners of EuroTAAC have released a 3D Xtra for Authorware. These wonderfully talented developers are going to change the way we use Authorware! More in the words of Erik de Bruin.

i3D Xtra, the world's first native Authorware Xtra for 3D content. This easy to use Xtra enables you to create a 3D interactive world within Authorware based applications.

A powerful solution for 3D interactive training, 3D product presentations, creative panoramic and VR applications, custom animated scenes and 3D games in Authorware.

i3D Xtra gives your e-learning projects extra impact, functionality and most of all impressive new interactive possibilities.

Download a fully functional evalution version at

Thanks guys!

Oops ... I have been slacking!

I have been a busy boy for the last week or so and have fallen behind my Blog duties. Fear not. Today will be a bumper day as I post lots of announcements for new Authorware add-ons. Read on.

Oh ... since this shows in reverse chronological order you have already read the announcements. Did you enjoy them?