Friday, September 05, 2003

Have you booked your TAAC 8 ticket yet?

TAAC 8 is in Las Vagas this year. To attend the best Authorware conference on the other side of The Pond, you should choose TAAC.

Taac 2003, October 23rd to 25th

As always there will be the best Authorware talent around presenting on topics ranging from design to coding, extending Authorware, and sharing their best tips and tricks.

This year's program includes:

• Hands-On with Authorware 7
• Implementing JavaScript in Authorware
• Longer sessions; more meat, less filler
• Sessions that really get your hands dirty
• 1:1 Sessions with Resident Pros
• The Authorware Games
• The Ask Macromedia Panel Session
• Meet & Greet Reception (Thur, Oct 23)
• Poolside chat with MM Engineers
• Each and EVERY session will be recorded and offered in DVD format
• NEW and EXCITING Pre and Post-Conference Training Packages

Sunday, August 31, 2003

For once I have a great excuse :-)

The Blogger site is undergoing redesign right now. Great.

But they have somehow lost the "Publish Template" button. And the "Publish Archive" button. So as I type things are a bit upside down. Hopefully it gets fixed soon so I can sort out the template (I have a dead image here on the left {pointing ineffectually}).