Wednesday, September 10, 2003

More handy tools - alToolTip

For all the users of alTooltip.u32, a UCD that allows Authorware developers to include tooltips within their applications, there is now an Authorware v.7 Knowledge Object available for download:

I use alToolTip often in my work - not just for placing tips over buttons. I use it to add extra information to pages, adding tooltips to an i icon for instance.

Find and Fix Command updated

Ron Lubensky has anounced an update to his great Find and Fix command for Authorware 6.5 and 7. Enhancements include

• Javascript-enabled (for Authorware 7.0)
• New icon properties
• Find and fix library-linked icons (ver 2.04)
• Paste icons from clipboard or model (ver 2.05)

This command offers incredible workflow enhancements for those tedious maintenance tasks. The price is rediculously cheap!

For a complete rundown of its features, here is the help file for it:

and a screen grab of its interface: