Thursday, November 14, 2002

DirectImage Xtra updated

DirectXtras has announced an update to DirectImage Xtra. More in the words of Tomer Berda:-

New in Version 3.0
• Images may now include multiple frames / layers. A new set of functions was added for manipulating the image frames.
• The Xtra can now import from and export to image file formats that support multiple frames / layers, such as animated GIF, Photoshop (PSD), DCX and MNG files.
• New methods to enhance an image: imageContrast(), imageModulate() and imageNormalize().
• New imaging effects: imageMorph() and imageCoalesce().
• New methods for importing to and exporting from image objects, with alpha channel support: imageLoadFromImage() and imageSaveToImage().
• The Xtra now natively supports MacOS X.
• The Xtra is now available for Authorware.
• imageGetColorCount() was added to count the number of unique colors in an image.
• Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Please visit for a complete licensing information and fees.

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