Sunday, May 18, 2003

Copy protect your AW CDs?

Occasionally people ask on the newsgroups if it is possible to copy-protect the CDs they sell to their clients. The economical answer is usually no. However Apixel has a product for sale called Castellan that looks like an affordable and viable solution. Developed by a well-respected UK company PTT, Castellan:-

• is the copy control system that strikes the right balance between security and ease of use for both you and the end-user of your software.
• has a proven reliability and robustness. PTT has been using this system to protect its own e-learning programs for over two years on PCs all over the world.
• will protect programs running under Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000 and XP
• will protect programs developed using Macromedia Authorware and Director. Castellan will also protect software developed using programming languages such as C++, Delphi, and Visual Basic.

Please note that Castellan does not actually prevent disc copying, but it does tie the product installation to a single installation; think of it as a secure licensing system.

If you prefer a different solution, the following were all recently suggested on the macromedia.authorware newsgroup:-


I also found these on a quick web search:-
Microsoft tools

Please note that since I have not used or tested any of these products I am making no comment about the quality or value of any of them. I am not recommending any of the products. I am merely bringing them to your attention.

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