Sunday, October 06, 2002

Zips are still growing

Today I decided it was time to buy that USB Zip drive I have been promising myself.

So I headed off to my local PC store. I used my motorbike so I could enjoy the continued unseasonably warm weather here in the UK. Arriving at the PC store I was told by the security guard that I could not enter the store with my rucksack, which I wore knowing I needed something in which to carry my long-awaited purchase.

"You can't come in with that" says he.

"Why?" askes a surprised Steve.

"We've been losing stock, so we are not letting people bring bags into the store".

Not wishing to debate the finer points of the irony that since he has failed to stop people removing things they are not entitled to he is now employed to stop people bringing their own belongings into the store, I told him "Well you'll be losing customers too, treating them like that" and stomped off in a suitably childish huff.

Thus commiting myself to a 3 hour treck around Preston, Lancashire on a Sunday, trying to find an open store that could sell me a USB Zip drive. Thankfully I did eventually find one. However, when I got it home and installed, I launched the (annoying) movie that is burned onto every new Zip disc, only to discover that I could have purchased a new Zip 750 for less than I bought the 250 for. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

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