Friday, October 11, 2002

Flash integration

More and more people are integrating Flash inside Authorware. Whilst Flash is becomming a powerful tool, it still lacks a great many features that Authorware has to make the development of training applications a breeze, so integrating Flash like this is a perfect way to offer the gorgeous graphics and effects of Flash whilst maintaining the power of Authorware.
All is not roses

There is a slight problem though. When you roll over a button in Flash the cursor automatically changes to a hand with pointing finger. This feature vanishes when you import the Flash file using the Asset Xtra. Here is one way to work around this issue:-

Place a display icon right after the Flash icon. Type this expression in a text field in that display :-


Note it should be all on one line. Remember to set the display icon to Update Displayed Variables. Finally, make sure the display icon has been placed on the flowline directly after your Flash sprite.

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