Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Authorware 6.5 Subtle Visual Changes

One thing in Authorware 6.5 that has slipped in very quietly is the fact that there have ben a couple of very subtle changes to the interface. Take a closer look at the tool bar across the top of the workspace. And take a look at the icon pallet. Don't see the difference? Fire up an earlier version of Authorware and compare the two.

A bonus for those using XP
It does not end there. If you are using XP you will see that Authorware has now taked on more of the look and feel of XP. Open up and Properties sheet or maybe the Functions dialogue. See how, for instance, buttons, radio buttons and drop-down lists now have the XP-style look and feel? Of course if you have Windows XP themes switched off you will not see this.

How did they do that?
Look in your /macromedia.Authorware 6.5 folder for a file called "Authorware 6.exe.manifest". If you want to see similar subtle changes to your earlier versions of Authorware, you can just drop that same file into the Authorware 4, 5, or 6 folder. Note that this only effects Authoring, it has no effect on delivered applications. In fact you are not licensed to distribute this file.

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