Friday, August 01, 2008

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

Anthropologist Michael Wesch explores the virus that is YouTube

This video, built on a presentation given to the Library of Congress by Michael Wesh explores the success of YouTube from a cultural perspective. The video is almost an hour long, so go get a cup of coffee or some cold beer, and pull up a comfortable chair!

The presentation is very compelling. It takes the viewer through the evolution of YouTube and the user-created content that is solidifying remote communities across the world.

With enough video uploaded daily to fill almost 400 24/7 channels, it's hard to comprehend the sheer scale of YouTube. Put it another way - in 6 months, the YouTube community uploaded as much video as 3 TV stations could present for over 40 years, non-stop, 24 hours a day.

If you think YouTube is just about skateboarding bulldogs, ripped-off music videos and videos of idiots wheelying their motorcycles into the back of cars, then you should watch this video from Michael. If you are not touched by the shared emotion towards the end, then you are even more heartless than me :-)


phillip said...

If you think YouTube is just about skateboarding bulldogs, ripped-off music videos and videos of idiots wheelying their motorcycles into the back of cars...

...or if you think they're all anti-technology satire videos like this guy's:

Steve Howard said...

Cheeky ;-)

Anonymous said...


I've read your posts in a forum about Authorware issues. I'm doing a stand-alone training system and I'm using Authorware 6.5 to compile and link all the Flash MX files I've made. My SWFs are composed of embedded videos with player and video time display.

However, AW have issues with Actionscript 2.0, and it can't display the time durations of the videos. Computing the durations was done using Math functions that are only available in Actionscript 2.0--but can't be read by AW. How do I create a solution with this? Using Math functions in Actionscript 2.0 is the only way to properly compute and display the time elapsed and duration of the video...

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Deborah Diamanti said...

Hello, I am not writing aobut this topic. I saw your response to a post regarding problems with running Authorware on Citrix servers. We are having some problems with a vendor who is having issues running Authorware files and they use Citrix. I know your post was made 4 years ago, but am desperate to find a fix for this. Do you have any idea of where we might find someone who can help us? You can contact me at Here is your post:
Re: Citrix Environment Issues


> A current client is moving from a traditional desktop configuration to a
> server environment. They have thousands of users, and several dozen
> AW courses available from our platform. They will often have a couple of
> hundred users in courses simultaneously, which is causing more and more
> problems as the Citrix environment is rolled out. All users are writing to
> c:\windows\system32\macromed directory, and files are being overwritten,
> It's a mess.
> It was suggested that adjusting the UserApplicationData vatiable in the
> might be a solution to the problem. Can anyone confirm or deny that,
> suggest any other solutions to this issue? Anyone with experience with a
> similar deployment in a Citrix environment?

This is the AW web player directory for Internet Explorer? Then you will
find that if you upgrade to the latest (currently beta) version of the
Authorware web player that the web player resides in the UserApplication
directory, and this should solve your problems.

Go to the MM web site and search for "Authorware Beta".


Tom Ortega said...

Great find.

Thanks for the link.