Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good instructional design helps us catch the 'moonwalking bear'

Tom Kuhlmann shares his thoughts on the moonwalking bear

Check out this YouTube video. It's an interesting experiment on perception, or on focus, or on creative misdirection. Once you've seen this you should know better how stage magicians and card sharps fool you :-)

Now see what Tom Kulmann has to say about it.

He tells us that creative Instructional Designers can have a powerful effect in engaging their learners and ensuring they focus on the learning points of their instruction.

But I think he fails to give enough importance to the opposite message - if you are careless you can make sure your learners totally fail to see the important information, no matter how obvious it is.

Regardless, the video is a very useful piece of instruction in its own right, proving that video continues to be a powerful instructional tool.

What I want to know is how many people see the bear even with the instruction to count the passes. More intriguing - how many would see the bear without the deliberate misdirection of the instructions.

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