Monday, October 31, 2005

It's been a lot cooler ...

It has been a lot cooler here over the last week

So I decided to take advantage and work outside

Over the last week or so it has been (apparently) unseasonably cool here ... one day the daytime temperature was no higher than 60 degrees, but most days it has been more like 68-70. This week it is a little warmer, maybe 75 max. Net week it will be back to 'normal' at something like 80-85. It's November! So much for autumn ;-)

So I took advantage of the cooler weather and got outside for a few days to finish up some of the most needed cleanup and repair work that I just could not face while the daytime temperatures were over 90 degrees.

My next few blog posts will show some before/after pictures, or - more accurately - just after Katrina and 9 weeks after, now that I have completed nearly all the required cleanup.

For now, I thought I should entertain you with a photograph of a spider that has taken up residence just above my head-height in the path we have through the woods to our pond. We walk this way with the dogs several times a day. Good job we are not arachnophobia. This little critter is about 3 or 4 inches across...

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Charnell said...

cannot tell from your blog the dates of posts, but my question is about images of katrina damage that was on another site - they are not there now and I am most interested in seeing - especially the aerial shots.
This is the website I found with your pictures but they are not loading.