Monday, October 31, 2005

Driving up to the house

Driving up to the house

Changes to our driveway in the last two months

Katrina was kind enough to throw a lot of our trees into the driveway without actually hitting our home. Here's how things changed as clean up progressed.

Right after Katrina hit you could not even see our home from the street.

So the first job was to clear a path through the trees. A neighbour helped me here with te chainsawing - I did the lifting and moving of the chopped-up bits. I'd never used a chainsaw for anything like this at this point, so I figured it was safer to let an expert handle it, although he worried me a bit when I saw he was wearing open-toed sandals ...

As you can see the pile of wood is now gone from the driveway. I was very lucky again with this wood. I spent a whole day last week - Thursday I think - lifting and moving the cluttings of one heeeeeuuuuge pine tree that had fallen onto a mobile home we have for rent. Once I had almost finished moving the pieces to the side of the road, a county-employed cleanup crew arrived and started loading the wood onto trailers to take away to the burning area a few miles away.

I cheekily asked if they could help me out by picking up the wood that was next to my driveway - they are really only supposed to take the stuff that has already been moved to the side of the road - and they agreed. Nice one. They shifted it all in under an hour, but it would have taken me most of a day to move it out to the road myself. Thanks guys!

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