Saturday, September 03, 2005

I'm heading south

I'm heading south

Time to drive down and see if we have something or nothing

The power came on last night here in the area of Jackson, Mississippi, that we evacuated to. Yaaaaay for air conditioning!

So today I am going to make the epic 200 mile journey south to see if we have a home to return to, and to take food, drinks and wet wipes to our 80-year-old neighbour who stayed throughout the storm. I'm going to stay overnight and probably bring back clothes for Amy and me - and our two poor little goats that have been stuck down there with no fresh food or water since Sunday ...

I'll finish my daily notes when I get back - probably starting Monday. I'll have lots to say about what I see thre, and maybe I will post a couple of pictures too ...




Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are ok Steve!

Lee Jorgensen said...

Glad you're alright Steve - hope it's not too much of a mess when you get back. All the best,

Helen said...

THanks for the update Steve - i'm just so relieved to hear from you both and know you're ok. I knew you were sensible and that you wouldnt take risks (although sounds like you considered it!) - but I was worried about your house and land, and your friends/family.

Wishing all the best for everyone there