Monday, September 05, 2005

All is fine

Relax, everythuing is fine

We still have a home!!!

So I have been down to Gulfport. All of our property is fine, but we have loads and loads of trees down. I took some photos and was going to post them here with before/after images, but I lost my camera.

I lost the camera when I had to run away from a crowd of angry bees! I suffer an allergic reaction to their stings, so when I got a dozen or so stings I panicked and ran through the woods. No doubt I will find the camera one day, but right now I don't want to go back to where I was stung.

I am annoyed at the current news coverage here in Mississippi, and nationally. It is full of heavy criticism of how badly the government handled the aftermath of the storm. Newspaper and tv coverage is full of images of the defvastation. There is nothing positivre being written or depicted anywhere so far as I can see!

So let's set the record straight - when I drove down to Gulfport there were literally thousands of people heading to the coast tohelp. They had fule, generators, food, water ... the effort to help is outstanding! The work already done to clear trees - all major highways are clear of trees, and most minor too. And the electric is coming back on. Water and sewerage is coming back on ... the repairs still have a long way to go, but no-one should be in any doubt that there is not a huge assistance effort going on.



Helen said...

oh steve - first Katrina then a swarm of bees. Poor you!

So relieved to hear that you're not badly affected, and also glad to hear that the relief effort is underway and strong.

I think in New Orleans it is worse where people did not evacuate, and the damage is worse.

Look forward to the next update

Anonymous said...

Thanks Helen ... after a couple of days the worst of the swelling is gone ... just mosquito bites and fire ants to deal with now!

A]I got our driveway cleared today with help from a neighbour,, so Amy comes home Friday. phone and electric are on (amazing!!) and we have a Walmart open about 15 miles north, so life will resemble normality :-)

Jim Nicholson said...

Steve... Does nothing like you in Mississippi?????

It's great to hear that you have a home to go back to. A lot luckier than a lot of Gulfport residents by the look of things on TV.

Take care and no doubt I'll chat to you soon!

Tom A. said...

Steve, I'm so glad y'all were no more affected than you were. It is a shame about the trees and the roof but time heals most wounds. Thanks also for pointing out the damage all the negative press is doing and that the local press is rising above the fray by reporting the positives.