Sunday, February 13, 2005

Scrolling RTF with hyperlinks

Have you ever tried to use scrolling RTF files with hyperinks?

Did you find that the RTF KO did not work as expected?

While teaching an Authorware class recently, one of my students pointed out that she had been unable to get the Insert RTF Object Hot Text Interaction to work correcly with scrolling RTF text. She asked if it were possible to get this to work using RTFObj.u32 functions.

After a little head scratching I came up with some working code that seems to do what she needed. You can try it out by downloading it from my web site

Look for the question Q. How can I use RTFObj.u32 with scrolling rtf pages that contain hyperlinks?


Anonymous said...

Sorry this comment doesnt really have anything to do with the RTF stuff. I am reading Jennie Thornton's book and finding boutros boutros errors. Are you aware of an errata for this book? I can't seem to find one anywhere.

Steve said...

There isn't one. You should post questions to the Aware list if you are having problems. I have a link to the Aware list on the left of this page - it's the first link under [::..essential..::]