Saturday, February 19, 2005

How far into your own digital navel can you gaze

"How far into your own digital navel can you gaze?"

"Each of us populates a personal tech-bubble of one. Solo-tech-travelers often are unaware that others occupy the same dimensions as them -- that's why they often bump into others, in their cars or on foot."

D. Pravaz from the Seattle Post writes about how personal technology is isolating us from the rest of the world, instead of bringing us closer together like the adverts say they do ... you didn't believe what T-mobile said did you???

The article is both entertaining and thought-provoking. If you are obsessed with your iPod, PDA and camera phone(s) take a look in Pravaz'z mirror.

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Danny Engelman said...

I disagree here; 20, 15 years ago everyone was just as silent and into their own world when I travelled on the train. Reading papers, books, staring out the window and making damn sure not to make eye contact with anyone else. Unless she was cute ofcourse.

Technology has the ability to change this. Had we ever met without it? Had I ever slept on that couch in Auckland last week? Had I ever sat behing this terminal in a new friends office in Los Angeles?

There are 2 things at play; 1 one has to learn to use the technology; it took humankind about 30 years to get really used to using a telephone!
And 2, developers have to come up with better devices. Why can't I use my MP3 player to listen to what that cute girl accros from me is listening to on hers (provided she allows others to listen) Why can't I chat to her?

It is so easy to blame technology; and not ourselves, humanity which is the real culprit.

Do you know the names of you next door neighbours?

Danny Engelman
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