Thursday, May 15, 2003

Rumours of my demise have been .. er ... just rumours

I am back and here to stay. Or something. You would not believe how busy I have been since February - between work, EuroTAAC and studying.

Obviously EuroTAAC is out of the way now. It really was a great week. The weather in Friedrichshafen was outstanding - blue skies and sunshine all week. If you want to know what you missed, head over to the EuroTAAC 2003 downloads page. We are still waiting for some of the presenters to post their files, but there is enough for you to get your teeth into for now.

There are also some photographs of the event and the location available if you want to see them:-

Day 1
Meet 'n' Greet
Precon training

Please note that they were posted in a hurry - I have still not turned them around the right way :-) I will soon ...

OK that was EuroTAAC. Now studying. The last of my assignments for the year was handed in on Monday. My the end of next week I should know if they were up to scratch. Things have been going pretty good so far so I am looking forward to decent grades. After all the time it has taken it is a relief to get this leg out of the way.

Now I just have to spend the whole summer on The Big Project ...

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