Thursday, December 05, 2002

At last, a book on standards-compliant training
Online training

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I've been an eLearning developer for over 10 years. Starting with TenCORE, then moving onto Authorware, I'm now getting up to speed with Flex. I've been a freelance developer since 2001, and since January 2008 have been working for a health insurance processor. Currently I am working towards implementing a new suite of eLearning tools, from Captivate and Flash through to Flex. I'm also looking closely at Wikis, PodCasting, VodCasting and more. I've been running the EuroTAAC Authorware/eLearing conference in Eurpoe since 2001. This year we are revising the conference, giving it a new coat of paint and a new name - EeLS - the European eLearning Summit.

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