Monday, November 26, 2007

QR Codes

Are QR codes leading the way to interactive learing on mobile phones?

QR codes seem to be big news in some circles.

With as many as 60 million phones around the world with QR code readers installed, QR codes are gathering recognition.

QR Codes are the '2D' bar codes that are becoming increasingly popular. These are already being used in education, I mentioned them earlier as being used in 'treasure hunt' style learning activities in schools. Here's a couple of links

" can scan the code, and your mobile device will fire up a web page. Wow."
wikipedia QR Code blog, Mobile 2.0 Categories: QR-codes
Macdonalds introduces qr codes on its sandwiches in Japan

eLearning Guild QR coded their DevLearn eLearning conference guide/
Research Paper: Using Mobile Phones and QR Codes for Formative Class Assessment
Hitoshi Susono, Tsutomu Shimomura

I separated out the last two as they are more associated with mLearning, whereas the others are flag-waving or marketing...

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