Thursday, September 22, 2005

Want to work on the coast? No problem!

Want to work on the coast? No problem!

It seems like even the small number of businesses that are open
cannot find enough people to do the work they have ...

Drive past any open business, be it MacDonald's, a pharmacy, a gas station or a pawn shop and you can almost guarantee you'll see a sign that says something like "Open and hiring".

The local newspaper is full of adverts for welders, truck drivers, temporary office workers, cleaners ... and professional jobs too - need a nursing job? Want to be a salesman? An insurance adjuster? Companies are offering free on-the-job training for truck drivers!

Local job agencies have signs outside saying they have upwards of 300 jobs to fill. Local radio claims the local unemployment service is inundated with jobs.

In short - if you want to work, there is work there to be had. All you need to do is go get it. Right now it probably helps if you don't mind getting your hands dirty too ...

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