Sunday, February 27, 2005

Road Trip

Road Trip

Random thoughts of a pink-eyed road warrior

I had to drive to Texas and back this week. All part of moving home, it's a long story that I won't bore you with. But I had to drive 1300 miles in a couple of days, and my mind got to wandering a time or two ...

  • Why do you never see a police speed trap when it is raining?

  • Texas road kill - skunk, armadillo, hound dawg.

  • There are way too many Country radio stations in Texas to be considered healthy.

  • What's whith that Mexican music? It sounds like a mixture between Spanish and Bavarian ... Flamenco meets lederhosen, Spanish guitar meets oompah!

  • Ohh that Cajun stuff in Louisiana is just as odd.

  • So what do American road builders have against corners?

  • ... and why do they make the roads out of concrete and Teflon?

  • I hate cruise-control-induced synchronised driving. There is absolutely no sense in 'overtaking' another car ar the rate of 1 inch per fortnight!

  • Fountain drinks in gas stations. Amazing. A 3 pint 'cup' of Coke costs about $1.20. That's less than 75p in real money. I wish they would learn how cheap these drinks are in Britain, and then install them in service stations everywhere - and stop charging £3 (about $5.40) for one pint of the stuff in the pubs!!!!

  • What's with the temperature here??? 80 farenheit in February!

  • Is there really any need for those heeeeeeeeuuuuuuuge trucks just to go to Walmart?

  • Looks like CB radio technology here has not moved on 20 years ... they're still using Firesticks and k40s. Wow.

  • Why don't the police cars get a proper paint job over here?

    Police Volvo - UK motorway patrol colours

  • MacDonald's burgers really do taste the same everywhere.

  • Waffle House is the perfect on-the-road junk food!

  • There may be 12000 radio stations between Mississippi and Texas, but the ones that do not play Country seem to have only 12 songs that they share between them.

  • ... and about 237 adverts.

  • Armadillos really are ugly - but it sure seems hard to crush them.

  • You can smell a squashed skunk from about a mile away!

  • The trees are budding everywhere.

  • There seem to be little clumps of miniature Daffodils wherever I look.

  • The City of Martindale, Polulation 691. That's not a city, it's a friggin' hamlet!

  • But it has its own police force of 2 and they are hot on speeders! ... nothing else to do, and they need to earn their own pay somehow.

  • If you are ever in the region of San Marcos in Texas you must try Mamacita's
    mexican restaurant. They have a machine there in the restaurant that churns out fresh tortillas all day. Yummmmm. Fresh-baked tortillas. Oh heaven.

  • And the HEB store around the corner has the same. You can buy fresh hot tortillas all day.

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