Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Want to put Flash in your Windows Pocket PC PDA?

Recently I was asked to put together a demo of a work aid tool to be used on a Pocket PC PDA.
The breif was simple. It needed to:
• work on Pocket PC
• be as lean as possible
• run from RAM or from a memory card, not via the Web
• run full screen
• be a simple, proof of concept memory aid, used as a ready reference that supplimented existing training.

After a little pain ( I don't enjoy working with Flash), the end result was a simple little XML-driven application. I have a version of it here, scaled to 480x640 for PC users, and a second version designed to run on Pocket PC, scaled to fit into the standard Pocket IE window. Note that the scaling means it is smaller than designed, as the real thing runs full-screen using Macromedia's Standalone Player for Pocket PC.

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