Sunday, February 02, 2003

New stuff

Following are some new and updated product announcements from the last few weeks in no partucular order ...

Apurva has been writing a series of u32 tutorials. You can find his site here Sadly it is still impossible to bookmark pages on his site, so you have to navigate to the u32 Tutorials section using the menu on the left.

Apurva and Andrew Poulos of Apixel have released an updated version of alListView. To download the latest version and to read more about alListView go to:

Andew Poulos' has written a new article contribution for the Macromedia Designer & Developer Center: Tips for Manipulating Images and Text in Authorware 6.5: Get creative with your text display using these helpful suggestions.

Apixel and Apurva Lawale are pleased to announce the release of alMenu.u32. alMenu.u32 is an 32 bit Authorware UCD that creates menus with the ability to customise the colours used. A fully functional evaluation version of alMenu.u32 can be downloaded from

DirectXtras is pleased to announce a new MacOS X compatible version of DirectOS Xtra. A fully functional evaluation version of DirectOS Xtra can be downloaded from: Not that the OSX version will work only with Director MX.

Apurva and Andrew Poulos of Apixel have released a new speech recognition UCD for Authorware - alSR.u32.It can work in one of two ways:
- free dictation, where it attempts to recognize any and all spoken phrases
- command and control, where you first setup a set of rules (a text grammar file) against which spoken phrases are checked. Only complying phrases are accepted. This results in significantly more accurate recognition. You need to have a speech engine installed on you computer. More information, a fully functional trial version, sample files, and documentation is available from:

WHEW - December and January were busy months!


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