Friday, February 14, 2003

EuroTAAC 2003

Nearly there. Only 4 weeks until I fly out to Germany for this year's EuroTAAC conference. A few more days and we start another wonderful week of information sharing, meeting friends old and new and seeing what incredible things other people do with Authorware.

This year we have decided to change the format of the Authorware challenge. Instead of announcing the challenge right at the start, then consigning a few hardened coders to spendthe rest of the conference cloistered in their hotel rooms dreaming up outlandish code that "only took four hours" ;-) we will not announce teh exact nature of the challange until Saturday afternoon. Teams will have 2 hours to complete the task before presenting for judging.

Integrity eLearning have been kind enough to sponsor the challenge, and are providing the prizes for the winning competitors.

EuroTAAC - Go on. You know you want to ...

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