Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Little Extras in AW 6.5

Did you know the AW 6.5 now supports the use of full-colour desktop icons? I stress desktop icons to make it plain I do not mean the icons you use to build your flow! Those who like to use the new XP icons will love this feature. MicroAngelo is the favourite tool for editing your icons.

Did you know Authorware 6.5 has a new spell checker? Hmmm. Missing from the documentation is it? Well "Gee whizz" I hear you say. Before you dismiss it as insignificant, take a lool at it. Open an existing AW 6.5 file and launch the spell checker by selecting Xtras > Spelling, or Alt+X+S and have a play. In particular, take a look at what is hiding behind the options button. Phonetic suggestions anyone.

P.S. ...
More ammunition for those that say Flash is the answer to every problem. Flash has no spell checker ;-)

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