Monday, October 14, 2002

It's official! I love wireless networking

I got to try out the wireless network at UCLAN today. How cool :-D I can sit in the canteen, or in the pub around the corner and surf the net, or the University network. I can even access my University desktop via the Citrix logon thingummy. Don't you just love these technical terms?

A word of warning though, to anyone using a 'public' network like that. I discovered that I could see files on some other users' machines. Then I realised I had folders on my machine shared over the network too. Be careful out there!

Accessability in Authorware 6.5

There have been interesting discussions on the Aware list this week about the new Text to Speech features. Particularly about delivery over the web. If you are interested in this stuff you should take a look at the following notes, and follow the threads to their conclusion:-

6.5 - text to speech through the web player...

TTS Switch - AW 6.5

We are all going to need to know more about this over time. Thanks go to Ron Lubenski for putting together the Accessability KOs!!!

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